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Lornetka Bresser Pirsch ED 8x56
Powiększenie: 8x. Średnica soczewki obiektywowej: 56 mm

As with the premium allround binoculars of the Bresser Pirsch series the Pirsch ED Series are for every application range the right one, whether on vacation, journey, while hiking or hunting.

Our Pirsch ED binoculars are equipped with the latest phase coating and allow the image to be more contrasting and high-resolution. In addition, these binoculars are equipped with the high-performance ED glass, which makes the colors even more radiant and the picture still more colorful. Color fringes are prevented by the special high-performance ED glass. This is reinforced by the high-quality fully multi coating. The combination of the built-in Barium-Kron glass material and the Dielectric coating on the prisms makes the picture even brighter and clearer. So they are well placed even at twilight.l makes the picture even brighter and clearer. Based on TwistUp eyecups spectacle wearers can also enjoy the full field of view. They are adjustable in 2 steps and also support the view without glasses. The rubber armouring, which is installed all over the binoculars, provides a gripping handling. All Pirsch ED models are equipped with a wide, very comfortable carrying strap. To complete the package, these models are all purged with high-quality argon gas, which protects the binoculars even more from fogging . Of course, the Pirsch ED models are protected against fog and water entry.

Compact and versatile binoculars
High performance ED-glass
High quality phase coating for bright and more high-contrast images
Waterproof and argon purged to prevent fogging
Rubberized housing
Ideal also for spectacle wearers ± 4 diopter

The kit includes:
Nylon case with shoulder strap and harness strap for even more comfort at long trips
Broad, padded carrying strap
Protective objective lens caps
Protective eyepiece caps
Large lens cloth

Dane techniczne:
Powiększenie, x: 8
Typ: pryzmat dachowy z powłoką korygującą przesunięcie fazy
Materiał układu optycznego: BaK-4
Powłoka układu optycznego: pełna powłoka (zielony)
Średnica soczewki obiektywowej (apertura), mm: 56
Oddalenie źrenicy wyjściowej, mm: 19,67
Współczynnik zmierzch: 23,66
Jasność względna: 49
Pole widzenia, °: 6,51
Pole widzenia przy 1000 m: 114
Makro, m: 3,5
Regulacja dioptrii okularu, dioptrii: ±4
Rozstaw okularów (IPD), mm: 60-72
Regulacja ostrości: centralna
Muszle oczne: zkroucení
Wielkość: kompaktowy
Korpus: tworzywo sztuczne, aluminium
Zastosowanie: dla myśliwych, astronomiczne
Odporność na wilgoć: tak

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